Tips To Improve Knob Puzzles for Toddlers Complexity

Tips To Improve Knob Puzzles for Toddlers Complexity

Knob puzzles for kids come in different types depending on various factors. Age of the kid is one of the key factors to take into consideration while buying the puzzle. But kids will keep on growing from one stage to another and that will require an improvement of the levels of puzzles that they hand. However, if your kid can already fill the current puzzles and looks like they need a tougher task, you can improve its complexity without buying a new. In this article, we have put together a list of tips that can help you improve the complexity of the boarded. Here are the tips to look out for:

Changing colors

Changing the colors is one of the tricks that can help you enhance the performance of the puzzle. In most cases, puzzles for toddlers are designed with colors that make it easy for the kids to fill in. The slot and the knob pieces are usually designed with one similar to guide the toddler on where to fill in the puzzle. If your kid has already discovered and perfected the trick, you can pain the slot with another color. That way, the kid will find it a little difficult to fill in the puzzle and might take some time to solve the puzzle.

Changing Images

For young toddlers, images are used to help them identify where a knob subject should be filled. For instance, if it is a car, then you will find out that at the bottomed slot is the same image. You trick your kid a little by removing the images at the bottom of the slot to confuse the kids a little. By just doing that, the kid will take some time to understand the “new” puzzle and you will not need to buy a new puzzle for the meantime. You can as well switch the images to different slots if they can fit.

Remove the Guide Line

In most of the young toddlers’ use of guideline around the slot are used to help the kid recognize the knob pieces that fit in the slot. The way the lines are drawn indirect produces the image of the knob pieces that can fit in. That gives the kid a clue on what piece could the slot. By removing the guideline, it will make the puzzle a little bit difficult for the child.

If you feel that your child has exhausted the current knob puzzles for toddlers but they are not ready for the next level, you can use these tips to keep them busy once more.