How to Ascertain Quality of Toddler Wood Puzzles

How to Ascertain Quality of Toddler Wood Puzzles

When buying toddler wood puzzles for your kid, one thing that you should always look for is the quality of the puzzles. That is because there are numerous benefits that come with quality toddler wood puzzles. There are different ways that you assess the quality of the wooden puzzles. Don’t make a mistake of relying on the information provided by the manufacturer since they will always way how good their products are.

There various effective ways that you can tell whether the quality of the toddler wood puzzles can be trusted or not. These are sources that cannot be compromised when it comes to quality assessment. So if you are buying wooden puzzles for your kid, these are ways that you ascertain their quality:

Reputable Quality Assessment Bodies

There are various bodies that are authorized to carry out quality assessment of various products before they reach the end user. Some of the best quality assessing institutions such as the European Green Environmental Test and ISO which usually tested the quality of products before they get into the market. For instance, ISO certified products are known for the best quality. Products that have past the European Green Environmental Test are also known to be safe for human use. There is various other quality assessment certification that you should look out for.

Reputable Stores

The stores where the toddler wood puzzles are available can also help you determine if the quality is good or not. They could be physical stores as well as online stores of repute. Some of the online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay, etc. are known for their quality standard requirements for all products selling on their website. If you cannot find the puzzles in such stores and yet they are selling worldwide, then you need to question their quality.  But if they are found in stores that are known for stocking high-quality products, it is an indication of good quality.

Buyers Reviews

The last but not the least is what previous customers are saying about the toddler wood puzzles. This one of the most powerful source of information about the quality and overall customer satisfaction. Check from the websites such as Amazon what buyers are saying about the product, especially those who are not satisfied. Check the reason why they feel that way. You can also search for forums where people are discussing the brand of toddler wood puzzles you are interested. This information will help you ascertain the quality of wooden puzzles.

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Ways Kids Can Get Most Out Of wooden knob puzzles

Ways Kids Can Get Most Out Of wooden knob puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to help your kid develop excellent cognitive skills. They also help kids develop social skills amongst other advantages that are crucial for their future. But to achieve these skills, various things must be done right. Buying the best quality wooden puzzles for preschoolers is not enough to help your kid get the most out of puzzles.

There are other ways that you can help the kid get the most out of your wooden puzzles for preschoolers. Fortunately, they are not new tips that parents need to learn but just what they already know and ignore or assume not to be necessary. Here are some of the best ways to help your kid get the most out of these boards:

Get the Right Level

The rule of thumb when it comes to wooden puzzles for preschoolers and all type of puzzles is getting it right when it comes to levels. One of the biggest mistakes that some parents make, especially new parents, is buying the correct level. It is important to ensure that you have started from the bottom and let your kid climb up the ladder gradually depending on their capacity. If you fail to get the levels right, then it will be difficult for the kid to enjoy the intended purpose of the wooden puzzle.


Another effective way to help your kid get the most out of the wooden puzzles for preschoolers is by being consistent. Do not be in a rush for your kid to the levels. What is important is to ensure that they are getting the most out of these boards. The idea is to help them transition into school life without hitches. Being consistent is one of the best ways to achieve that. Make sure that you are providing your kid with these wooden puzzles consistently without breaking the learning curve. That will help them to get the most out of these puzzles.

Regular Evaluation

Just in school exams, it is essential to evaluate your kids regularly and more so before graduating to the next level. That helps to ensure that they are not being rushed since it would affect their ability to learn as intended. Make sure that you have then evaluated regularly to help you understand if they are benefiting or not. Note that it is not a must that kids must go to the next level of puzzles, sometime, going back is necessary to help them enhance their skills better.

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Best Types Wooden Peg Puzzles

Best Types Wooden Peg Puzzles

As a guardian, it’s your responsibility to ensure your kid gets a better early childhood development. These can be ensuring your child gets food, clothing, shelter, good health and other basic amenities. Wooden peg puzzles are one of the basic requirements that you should purchase for your child. These puzzles normally come in various levels depending on the child age. Some puzzles are good for toddlers, kids, preschool, kindergarten, and the ones for adults.

During a tender age, most kids develop cognitive, emotional and social skills that are essential for their general well-being. Allowing your kids to solve puzzles enables them to develop various skills while still having fun. For instance, wooden peg puzzles with knobs come with multiple pieces. Depending on how your toddlers or preschooler masters the art of puzzle solving, you should get the one that suits them. Here are some of the best wooden peg puzzles that are available in the market:

Wooden animal puzzles

These are the common type of wooden peg puzzles that involve solving a puzzle made of animal pegs. They usually come in different pieces and incorporate various domestic and wild animals. The importance of these types of puzzles is that as much as it instills problem-solving skills with kids, they also introduce them to different animals. As a parent, you should guide your kid by naming these animals so that they can get a better understanding.

Wooden farm puzzles

Kids’ farm puzzles entail the common plants, machines, and equipment that are available on most farms. These include tractors, trees, households, sheep and other domestic animals. The essence of these puzzles is to enhance the learning skills of a kid to enable him to thrive through life with ease later on. These puzzles also introduce kids to various plants and facilities in the farm.

Wooden transportation puzzles

Transportation is an important aspect of the general life of a human being. Introducing kids to solving puzzles with various means of transport not only equip them with life skills but introduces them to different objects around the world. Transportation puzzles include cars, bicycles, ambulances, lorries and even boats.

Butterfly letter puzzles

There is also a wooden peg puzzle that involves a picture of a butterfly. This butterfly is made up of various pieces with a specific alphabetical letter in each. With the help of the order of the alphabet, a kid will arrange these pieces forming a complete butterfly. This kind of puzzle is usually good for preschoolers as they will develop the learning skills as well as various aspects such as patience.


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An Insight into Children’s Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

An Insight into Children’s Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Children’s wooden jigsaw puzzles were introduced in the 1700s and are now one of the most engaging educational tools. These puzzles are more targets the children, but adults can also utilize the same. Studies have indicated the jigsaw puzzle leaves a quantifiable benefit to an individuals health as well as general well-being. A puzzle is a mind flexing activity that helps children to develop useful skills that will them have peace of mind and quality life.

Better coordination of the brain

When solving a puzzle, one has to engage the left brain hemisphere as well as the right part. The left part usually engages in analytical issues and will logically solve them. The right hemisphere is the creative side; it works intuitively to ensure that any problem has a solution. When playing a jigsaw puzzle, these two hemispheres work together for the realization of the goal. Therefore, when children play this type of puzzles, it will improve the coordination of the two regions of the brain.

Deepens the thinking capacity

The process of solving jigsaw puzzles extends to the brain cells. When two sides of the brain are utilized, it changes its state from beta to alpha state that is usually experienced when dreaming. This state of mind coordinates with the subconscious mind. This will, in turn, induce the state of focused meditation and creativity as connections are in deep levels.

Creative meditation state

Puzzles are metaphors for life. People usually face challenges in their daily activities; this can be relationships, health, and jobs. This is a replica of jigsaw puzzles where a problem has to be solved from the disconnected pieces without knowing the starting point. One becomes proactive and gains better shifting skills by successfully going through this thought process especially when a person employs the physical aspect. Therefore, a jigsaw puzzle will enable a kid to develop the creative meditation state as well as provide a compelling sense of accomplishment.

Gross and fine motor skills

Just as puzzles improve the eye-hand coordination, jigsaw puzzle allows children to develop gross and motor skills. The fine motor skills help a child in aspects such as walking, handwriting and other essential achievements. Through the stacking blocks and solving easy puzzles, a person will gain the gross motor skills.

Memory enhancement

When children play jigsaws puzzle, their memory also enhances significantly. For instance, when figuring or recalling the color, shape, and size of various pieces as they solve the puzzle.

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Useful Tips for Buying Stave Puzzles

Useful Tips for Buying Stave Puzzles

Stave puzzles have been said to maddeningly tricky jigsaw puzzles in the market. That is the reason why they are played by almost everyone starting from small kids to the adults. The company provides different levels of complexity to offer buyers a broader choice to pick from. Due to this extensive variety, it is crucial to be very keen while selecting stave puzzles for sale in the market. If you are not careful, you might find yourself buying the wrong puzzle for your kid. But you can have the right puzzle with ease if you play smart. Check out these tips.

Check the Complexity Level

The first thing that you must start checking is the complexity level of the puzzle. The company offers different complexity levels for various groups. They have puzzles for toddlers, preschool kids, big kids and for adults. Fortunately, they have all their jigsaw puzzles labelled to help buyers make the right decision quickly. Therefore, it will not be difficult to let select the right puzzle since the company has then labelled in term of levels and ages.

Size of the Puzzle

The size of the puzzle is another factor that you must take into account while selecting stave puzzles for sale. This is a critical factor that is determined by the age and size of the kid. Among crucial things that you must consider is the comfort of the child while solving the puzzle. To achieve that, you must get it right when it comes to the size of the Stave puzzles. It should not be so big or too small but should give the kid enough space to move the pieces with ease.

Colorful Artwork

The physical appeal of the puzzles is another factor that will determine if the kid will like the puzzles or not. Note that kids like things that are attractive and that is why artwork is an important factor to consider. Make sure that you’ve chosen the most colorful artwork so that your kid will have fun playing the puzzle.

Choice of Objects

Last but not the least is the choice of objects used for the making of stave puzzles for sale. Does the kid identify with them? Well, that is something that you must consider seriously. The puzzle will not serve the intended purpose if the kid cannot relate with the objects that have been used. If the stave puzzle is for a beginner, then you should have at least a pet for objects. That is something that kids at that age easily identify with.

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How Parents Can the Best Out Of Knob Puzzles For Babies

How Parents Can the Best Out Of Knob Puzzles For Babies

Puzzles are increasingly becoming popular with most households with kids due to their proven and perceived benefits. Among the most things that are making them popular is the fact that they can improve kid’s performance in school. Well, as much as this has been proven to be true, there are few things that parents should know about how to get the best of their knob puzzles for babies. First, it does not just come automatically, but there are few things that you should know. Here are some of the tips on how to get the best of their knob puzzles for babies:

When to start

One of the key things that you need to take into consideration is when to start with puzzles. The most important factor that must come into play is the age of the kid. As much as the best age to start with is the toddler, it is important to know when to start. The most recommended age is six months onwards. At this age, the kid will have started to understand things around them and thus they can understand most of the images that will be introduced. Their brain will also be in a point where they can capture pictures and remember them in the future.

Gradual Advancement

For your kiddo to develop the cognitive skills faster there must be a progressive advancement in puzzle complexity. They cannot be with one puzzle for a whole year. You need to gauge their performance, and once they can fill a certain number of pieces with ease, then you should consider introducing them to more complex puzzle. That is the best way that to you can help the kid maximize the on the benefits of knob puzzles for babies. This is important in developing and nurturing the cognitive skills. Therefore, you should gradually improve the level that the kid is from time to time.

Choosing the Right Puzzle

Last but not the least is Choosing the right puzzle for you kid. There are numerous things that you need to consider when it comes to picking the right knob puzzles for babies. One of the major factors is the gender of the toddler. Naturally that both girls and babies have different things that are likely to attract them as they grow up. For instance, boys are likely to feel better filling in motorcar puzzles which may not be the case with girls. Therefore, you need to be careful while shopping for the knob puzzles for your baby.

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4 Types of Homemade Puzzles for Preschoolers

4 Types of Homemade Puzzles for Preschoolers

Contrary to what most people think, making puzzles for preschoolers is not difficult. It is not a must that you spend money to get your child a puzzle. There are numerous ways that you can make a good puzzle at home that will not have much difference from what we already have is on the market. We are going to look at some of the homemade puzzles for preschoolers. Check out this list:

Homemade Name Puzzle

Introducing your kid to the spelling of the name should be the first thing for preschoolers. At the age of three, the kid has already learned what they name is and thus helping them spell it correctly would be great before joining the kindergarten. There are various ways to create a perfect name puzzle for your kid. One of the most effective ways is by using the textured paper wall samples to make letters. Then you can start introducing the kid on how to write their letters correctly.

DIY Matching Puzzles

One thing with toddlers and preschoolers is that they love puzzles that are simple to match. The DIY matching puzzle is the perfect choice that you can have for your kid. This is a very simple puzzle that does not require much to come up with. All you need is just a pen, piece of paper and some random objects to create the puzzles. If you have some colors, then it would make the puzzle more authentic and attractive to the kid.

Building Block Challenge

If you have played the game of Tetris, then this homemade puzzle will be a great alternative. The best thing about these puzzles is that they can be played with kids of all ages from toddlers, preschooler and schooling Kids. All you need is to make blocks on and provide the kid with a surface where they can fit these blocks to make a shape. It could be an open tray or an area marked off on the floor. It is that easy.

Home Letter Puzzle

Learning to arrange in the correct order and pronounce letters correctly is very crucial for the preschoolers. But you may not need to invest in commercial puzzles if you can make a homemade one. Just cut the letters from a paper and chop them into pieces. The kid will definitely enjoy matching them back together in their correct order. You can enhance their complexity by chopping the letters into pieces

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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing toddler Puzzles

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing toddler Puzzles

You may have the best intention for your kid but make big mistakes while buying them puzzles. If you are planning to buy knob puzzles for babies, you cannot just go shopping right away and make a purchase. It doesn’t work like that.  There are several mistakes that most parents make that ends up hindering to unleash of the potential of their children. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key mistakes that parents make while purchases toddler puzzles. Check out the following:

Failing to Consider the Age

One of the major problems that some parent make while buying knob puzzles for babies is failing to consider the age of the kid. Every puzzle is specifically made for a certain age of users. It does not mean that because the board looks good, any kid can solve it- the age of the kid matters.  However, some parents end up buying puzzles just because they look great. Therefore, the age of the kid is a critical factor that you must consider while making a purchase. Get the right puzzle that would make it relatively easy for the kid to solve. That is the only that you can unlock the potential of your kids.

The Size of the Puzzle

Knob puzzles for babies come in different sizes. By size, we mean the actual measurement of the board. The trick is to get a size that will enable the kid to play with the puzzle comfortable. The kid should be able to reach all corners of the board without struggling. However, some parents end up buying puzzles that are too huge thus making it difficult for the child to fill in the puzzle. Therefore, make sure that you have checked the size of the puzzle carefully to ensure that you are getting the right puzzle for your kid.

Check the Quality

The quality of the knob puzzle is another factor that you must consider carefully. Otherwise, you must end up wasting your money on a low-quality product. The most important factor to consider is the durability and the safety of the board. Wood is the most recommended material for the construction of the knob puzzles for babies. It is highly durable and safe for the kid. It is also important to note that wood is environmentally friendly. However, it is recommended that you check the quality of the wood. If possible, get a softwood puzzle since they are light and safe for kids.

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Tips To Improve Knob Puzzles for Toddlers Complexity

Tips To Improve Knob Puzzles for Toddlers Complexity

Knob puzzles for kids come in different types depending on various factors. Age of the kid is one of the key factors to take into consideration while buying the puzzle. But kids will keep on growing from one stage to another and that will require an improvement of the levels of puzzles that they hand. However, if your kid can already fill the current puzzles and looks like they need a tougher task, you can improve its complexity without buying a new. In this article, we have put together a list of tips that can help you improve the complexity of the boarded. Here are the tips to look out for:

Changing colors

Changing the colors is one of the tricks that can help you enhance the performance of the puzzle. In most cases, puzzles for toddlers are designed with colors that make it easy for the kids to fill in. The slot and the knob pieces are usually designed with one similar to guide the toddler on where to fill in the puzzle. If your kid has already discovered and perfected the trick, you can pain the slot with another color. That way, the kid will find it a little difficult to fill in the puzzle and might take some time to solve the puzzle.

Changing Images

For young toddlers, images are used to help them identify where a knob subject should be filled. For instance, if it is a car, then you will find out that at the bottomed slot is the same image. You trick your kid a little by removing the images at the bottom of the slot to confuse the kids a little. By just doing that, the kid will take some time to understand the “new” puzzle and you will not need to buy a new puzzle for the meantime. You can as well switch the images to different slots if they can fit.

Remove the Guide Line

In most of the young toddlers’ use of guideline around the slot are used to help the kid recognize the knob pieces that fit in the slot. The way the lines are drawn indirect produces the image of the knob pieces that can fit in. That gives the kid a clue on what piece could the slot. By removing the guideline, it will make the puzzle a little bit difficult for the child.

If you feel that your child has exhausted the current knob puzzles for toddlers but they are not ready for the next level, you can use these tips to keep them busy once more.

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