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Today gambling is getting more popular since online casinos are everywhere on the Internet. Everyone can get free access to them after signing in. We know that no one can be banned from visiting web-sites, but how then does a top online casino gain its reputation with 14-year-olds playing slots, craps and gala bingo all the time? I am a mother and I care about my children’s mental and physical health, so I browsed the Internet to find the answer.

Finally I came across a soothing term – responsible gaming. If you call yourself the best online casino, you should take into account security measures. Responsible attitude to business today is another asset of a company. I believe that every top online casino must realize not only the necessity to ban the underage access, but to prevent compulsive and problem gambling among players declining to addiction.

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I was surprised to learn, that almost every online casino shouts from the rooftops, that it is the best online casino! It is still can be arguable, in case when a casino aims only at gaining profit. The thing is to attract players without making them compulsive gamblers. The statistics say that 58 per cent of people, attending Gambler’s Anonyms (GA) meetings became addicted through online casinos. I suppose that this addiction can develop since the very young age, that’s why I am more interested in protecting of teenagers, than in variety of online casino games.

Gambling is a very vulnerable business; one can be deprived of the license once some infringements of legislation are observed. I advise then to check an online casino web-site for its security policy and verification systems. By logging in yourself you can check how they protect children from entering their sites. However, many analysts point out, that only mutual efforts of online casinos management and parents can prevent underage gambling. Maybe if we all are more attentive and careful, GA meetings will gather much less people than now.