Online Blackjack Loyalty Programs

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to players looking for online blackjack loyalty programs that very few websites have a worthwhile system in place. After all, many of the top online casinos have eliminated the house edge almost entirely plus they give the person gambling a healthy deposit bonus; adding a blackjack loyalty system on top of that would almost definitely cause an online casino to lose serious money against competent players. That is the beauty of gambling though; casinos want your patronage even when they expect you to walk away with a small fortune on the average night. In fact, if it were not for the high rollers, casinos would have a very hard time convincing the average player with a few bucks in his pocket to take a chance at all. Think about it; almost every online casino you’ve ever visited probably had multiple banners running across the screen that say things like, “Bob M just won $14,200 playing Crazy 8′s” or “Our casino paid out over $72,000 last week alone!” Most legitimate online casinos look at big wins as nothing more than a solid advertising campaign…which is why high rollers are in such demand.

When it comes to blackjack, there are very few excellent loyalty programs out there for serious gamblers. Below are the top four online blackjack loyalty programs and how high rollers can use them to their advantage- Casino Titan is considered by many high rollers to be the top choice for VIP rewards simply because of their loyalty program’s flexibility. The blackjack loyalty system at Casino Titan is based solely on the amount of money that is wagered inside the online casino; there are no restrictions in place that limit what games the wagers have to be placed on. If a serious gambler wanted to build his loyalty reputation playing solely blackjack, then so be it. If he wanted to play roulette, craps, and slots instead, it would all count towards the blackjack VIP rewards program.

On top of the flexibility offered at Casino Titan, it is also very generous when it comes to enticing giveaways and bonuses as well. For example, any deposit on their website over $1,000 automatically receives an instant 50% bonus which can be used immediately at any casino table. Betting this free money also builds up reward points, so loyal gamblers at this website seem to climb the Loyalty System ranks much quicker than at other online casinos. Win Palace is another solid choice for players seeking a great blackjack loyalty program. For starters, the redemption code “ULTIMATEWIN” earns high rollers a 200% deposit bonus on any transaction over $750 (up to $2,000) and the conversion restrictions are much more generous than at similar online casinos. Their blackjack loyalty program also offers a tremendous amount of free monthly cash at the upper levels, which is why so many worldwide players choose WinPalace when they are looking for high-stakes tables.

The actual blackjack options available at WinPalace are another factor that sets them apart from their competitors. Although they offer several variations of this classic game, the management at WinPalace knows that VIPs can usually see through the smokescreen and mirrors that comes along with “new” ways to play 21. At WinPalace you’ll only find great odds and huge bonuses…without the complications. Rushmore Online actually has two loyalty programs for their blackjack players; the VIP Executive and the VIP Presidential. While both of them grant fantastic deposit bonuses and many extra incentives to play at this gaming destination, it is one of the only online casinos that you’ll find that created a separate elite program only for high-profile gamblers. While the VIP Presidential club may be limited to only a handful of members, each of them receive treatment comparable to what you’d expect from five-star resorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

As far as the gaming is concerned, Rushmore Online constantly offers blackjack mini-tournaments, social events, and exciting ways for VIP’s to show off their status. This online casino goes above and beyond what you’d find in most traditional gaming destinations, and becoming a VIP Presidential is one of the most sought after luxuries on the net.