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Bingo Boogie has made it easier than ever for UK Bingo Lovers to chat live with our support team via the Chat Managers, which offer UK 24/7 support guiding UK Bingo Players through trouble-free steps in playing Bingo online. Of course, we are here to help you with the Video Poker games and Slot Machines as well. Bingo Boogie offers FREE 24/7 Support via Phone as well. Therefore, Bingo Boogie fans, if you have any problems do not hesitate to call us night or day. The call is FREE! At Bingo Boogie, we’ve made game play fun and exciting, while enabling our UK bingo players to play on trouble-free software platforms. Bingo Boogie has brought forth all the fun and excitement of playing UK Bingo online into your living room, straight from the Bingo Hall.

Some of Bingo Boogie’s finest features are our Live Online Chat tools. Now our players can enjoy UK Bingo game play while chatting live with thousands of people worldwide, including their friends. A Chat Manager-CM is always available at Bingo Boogie Chat Game Rooms for your convenience. The CM at UK Bingo Boogie works to support our game players, chat with members, or foremost offer some of Bingo Boogie’s BONUSES. The CM’s at Boogie Bingo UK is your friendly guide. Throughout the entire days, CM friends at Bingo Boogie introduce Special UK Bingo BonusGames in the Live and Open Chat Room.

Every week Bingo Boogie presents dozens of Chat Games with our Bingo Buddies winning Bingo Bonus Bucks, Prizes and Gift Vouchers daily. For more details, visit our Bingo Boogie Promotional Web Page. Bingo’s gaming online add much more than playing UK bingo. Rather, if you choose to play other games at Bingo Boogie, we’ve made available Poker games, including Roulette, Slots, and Pull Tab, which is similar to scratch cards, Keno, Blackjack and Poker. Each game offers a different appeal and is simple to play. GREAT FUN, while winning the BIG BUCKS at Bingo Boogie, as you can see when you are tired of playing Bingo for a while you can hit the Slot games where the spins offer a whopping 22. The Slots include One-Line play, Five-Line Bets, and Multi-Lines. This provides game lovers option of wagering endless combos of resulting lines to MAX the odds of winning the Jackpots.

The Trolling for Treasure Slot game is one of Bingo Boogie’s most popular games, since the game offers huge payouts. Give it a Spin to see if you are our next lucky winner! The Pull-Tab games are interesting games for those that crave pleasure. Our fun Pull-Tab games are one of Bingo Boogie’s latest games on the UK Bingo site. The Pull-Tabs called Alley Cats have Freaky Alien Encounters, in both games. The player can win cash instantaneously. Double the Fun and play bingo for a while and then pull the tabs at Bingo Boogie to see if you can capture the aliens.