The Table Mountain Customer Loyalty Review

The Table Mountain Casino in Friant, California (about 10-15 minutes from Fresno) is a monstrous building that houses over 2,000 slot machines, a 700 seat bingo hall, plus over fifty poker and other types of table games. The quality of play at this location is very good and the staff is some of the friendliest, helpful people you will find inside any casino in the world. They also book a number of headline shows for their guests and it’s not the cover band crap that the other local casino offer either; expect to see acts like Tony Bennett, Bill Cosby, Jewell, and many others.

The Table Mountain Rewards Overview

The Table Mountain loyalty rewards program is also worth talking about. It is a three tier system that doesn’t offer a whole heck of a lot at first, but for serious gamblers the rewards can easily build up into something substantial. Special VIP tournaments and events are common at Table Mountain and so are many other types of comps.

The Table Mountain Rewards- The Good

First off, we love that Table Mountain is not afraid to comp their high rollers with a free meal or a show; so many of the other Casino chains simply do not do this in California. The cash-back rewards are another huge plus in our books as well, and even though we have seen more generous programs elsewhere it still makes a nice compliment to the other freebies offered.

Another thing that we appreciated was our own casino rep- sort of. Although he was supposed to be available on call 24/7 for our every need, we actually saw this gentleman working with other guests as well. Still, the service we received was very good overall and we can not complain one bit.

The Table Mountain Rewards- The Bad

The major negative is obvious to just about anyone who has ever visited the Table Mountain Casino; they list twelve standard loyalty perk rewards for basic members and the only thing it really gets you is valet parking. We’re not sure if the management here thinks we are all idiots or what, but anyone with a 4th grade education can plainly see the loyal players get absolutely nothing if they do not bet big.

We also have a serious problem with their cashback program; at a 400:1 exchange rate it really will not do you any favors. The average gambler that plays on and off for an entire weekend will be surprised when the staff says, “Congratulations, here’s your free three dollars…” It’s just not a cool move.

The Table Mountain Rewards- Overall

While we like the Table Mountain Casino a whole lot, their loyalty program is disappointing when compared with the worst possible perks in Vegas. Even though we sincerely enjoyed our stay here, our staff agreed that we probably would not return simply because they advertise that they have the best program around; nobody likes being lied to. For high rollers the loyalty program is simply okay; for everyone else it’s downright horrible.