Tips for Teaching Puzzles Skills to Toddlers

Tips for Teaching Puzzles Skills to Toddlers

At the toddler age, the kid is the formative stage, and that makes it perfect to start with puzzles. But the challenge is always about how you can get them started. But it’s never that difficult since all that is needed is to teach them a few tips. However, to be a good teacher, you need to consider a number of factors. Here are tips that will help you teach puzzles skills to your kids.

Pick an Appropriate Puzzles

The most important thing is to choose an appropriate toddler jigsaw puzzles. The most important thing that you need to consider is the age of the toddler and development. For toddlers and beginners boards and simple shapes, jigsaw puzzles are the best. However, there should be a gradual progression of the types of the jigsaw puzzles for the child. If you find out that they are mastering the puzzles, move them onto a large jigsaw puzzle.

Tie into Kid’s Interests

It is crucial to know what your kid likes so that you can have on puzzles. It is not difficult to tell what your kid really likes. If they like playing around with pets, then you need to consider buying jigsaw puzzles with pet images. If they lack watching cartons, you think of investing in puzzles with such images. By including kid’s interests, it makes it easy for the little ones to fill the puzzles and as well as enjoy doing it.

Help the Find the outside Edges

Filling out puzzles can be a challenge and requires techniques to do it right. The same case goes to the toddler jigsaw puzzles. The best-known technique even for the adult is finding the outside edges. It is the best places to start with the puzzles. Teach your kid how to locate the edges to help them solve the puzzles quickly.


The pieces and the color are two major that you need to consider. The choice of the color for the puzzle should help the kid to complete the job first. They can sort out the pieces to complete the puzzle. Therefore, you must consider the choice of color used. Note that if the color of the broad is good, it will make it easy for you as a parent too.

Simplified puzzles

Simplification is all about the number pieces. Too many pieces might overwhelm to kid. Get the right number of pieces depending on the age of the toddler.

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